вторник, 29 декабря 2015 г.

Bastards killed a white bear

I just watched the video with white bear.

The fact that it did is a extreme awful. I'm amazed by callousness of person or persons who have committed this disgusting, unjustified, vile, detestable act. Another polar bear erased from the face of the Earth. This animal is listed in the Red Book. Those bastards who killed a bear must be punished.

For those who do not know. Russian explorers on the Arctic, at the station "РусАльянс" on Wrangel Island, fed the bear (it came with a teddy bear) with burst packet or flare. Bear eating it became suffer from pain due to the fact that her organs were damaged. She suffered for half an hour. In the end of video, from her mouth blood began to flow. All this time the teddy bear is hiding under the container. 

I warn you, the video contains scary scenes!


People the most terrible creature on this planet.

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