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Hi, I’m Milena!
I was born in Russia and I live here to this day.
I'm Russian blogger and web-designer.

My contacts:

"I want to be an activist in organization WWF ♥♥♥, as very much love the nature. Love of nature i bequeathed from my Russian ancestors who lived in harmony with it.
I wish to draw the attention of people all over the world  to problems of the extinction of animals, the disappearance of forests and pollution of the environment.

My country is the largest on the planet. We have the steppes, forests, snow-capped mountains and even the taiga. There are many, many species of animals including, unfortunately, endangered. Few people know that almost all of the White Tigers descendants of one of our of the Amur tiger. In our country there are a lot of everything. And someone needs to take care about all this, in order to harmony in nature was not destroyed.

I fight for the nature of different methods, both in life and on the Internet. For example I find on the Internet are beautiful pictures of wildlife and publish them with comments that they show something that needs our help. To ensure that as many people as possible to see what may soon disappear and then, maybe, they will realize that they are losing.

I want people all over the world have realized that even such fragile girl as me can influence the processes taking place around. Together we can change the world for the better and stay in harmony with our mother nature. All you have to do is be a good example to others and promote it. More people must learn the truth. The truth about the problems of the extinction of animals, the disappearance of forests, pollution of the environment and the loss of national identity which makes us special. I believe that the technology which we create must not contradict the essence of our earthly nature.

English is not my native language, so I hope that the wrote correctly :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!"

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